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How to Clear the WhatsApp Cache to Free Memory Space of Our Android

Clear Whatsapp Cache

WhatsApp is an application that over time can occupy a lot of space in the memory of our mobile: audio notes, all those videos that our contacts send us, the photos. Follow Techy2tech for more updates. If we are regulars to this service, we will surely have the folder in Your Android that weighs a lot. If you also have a mobile with little memory, you should do cleaning from time to time so that you do not get the happy error that there is little free memory.

Clear Whatsapp Cache

There are many ways to free our mobile memory by deleting WhatsApp files. Yes, the fastest option is to go to the settings menu, Applications, and delete the data (not uninstall) from WhatsApp from there. Wait, before you do that today we are going to teach you how to do it with a little class and in passing you don’t miss the things that are important to you. The only thing we will need for this is an application.

To put order to WhatsApp we just need an application:

Cleaner for WhatsApp, as the name implies, is a tool that allows us to clean the files that we do not want or no longer need in this messaging client. The application has no secret since it is actually a vitamin file explorer to show us the WhatsApp guts so that it is easy to locate what we want to save and whatnot.


As we open it we will see that different panels will appear with all the information that WhatsApp stores: photographs, videos, audio notes, profile photos, backgrounds … When entering each of them we will see a couple of tabs: one with all the there is content and another one, on the right, with the files that are duplicated and the number of copies of each one. In this way, it is very easy to locate what we are not interested in and leave the important thing.

On each page of Cleaner, we will see that in the lower right there is a trash can icon with which we can delete all the files that are in that category. If you want to be more select, you just have to press and hold on a file for a couple of seconds to show us the file selection menu and from there mark only the ones that we are going to delete.

Another interesting detail of the application is that at a quick glance we know how much each document folder occupies in WhatsApp. With files that do not have preview at a glance, such as audio notes, we can click on them to open them and thus know exactly what they are. Cleaner for WhatsApp is free and all it includes is an ad at the bottom.

How to Clean the Mobile Screen Without Damaging it

Clean the Mobile Screen

According to some studies, the screen of our devices harbours a huge amount of bacteria. There are several reasons why this happens. For example, we usually carry our devices in our pockets, perhaps even when we exercise. In addition, many times we use it near liquid elements, which end up splashing on the screen. However, the main reason is that we constantly touch the screen with our hands. Do you often clean the screen of your device? The theory says that it should be so. But how to do it correctly?

Clean the Mobile Screen

How to Clean the Mobile Screen?

As with everything, using the right tools is the way to get exceptional results. This is what you need to clean the screen of your device:

A soft cloth: Do not use paper or any other type of material. Rather, use a cloth that is soft, microfiber, lint-free, and feels similar to eyeglass cloth. This way you will achieve a high degree of cleanliness without compromising the integrity of the screen.
A little water: Generally, using a little water is usually enough to kill most of the bacteria. But beware. You must use the water to moisten the cloth. Avoid getting your device wet directly, even if it is certified to do so. Make sure that moisture does not get into the cavities or grooves of your phone.
A little soap: For more thorough cleaning, use a little soap. Again, don’t use it directly. Rather, mix it in the water and then dampen the cloth to clean the surface of the screen.
As you have seen, you do not need very specific products to properly clean your device. There is also no specific technique, beyond wiping the wet cloth over the screen. Do not forget that it is also important to clean your phone screen frequently. We recommend that you disinfect your device once or twice a day.

Be careful with these practices when Cleaning your Phone Screen

When cleaning your terminal screen, there are some things that you should avoid at all costs. For example, do not use chemicals, especially if they are abrasive. At most, you can use a little rubbing alcohol, which is usually sold in spray form. However, in most cases, a little soap will suffice. Avoiding certain products will help you preserve the treatment that some manufacturers apply to the screen glass.

Clean Your Smartphone

On the other hand, do not dry clean the screen of your device. Even if they are not visible, dust particles can scratch the glass as they move on the screen. Therefore, it is important that you use wet products. A little soapy water and a suitable cloth are sufficient in most cases. But, if you want to carry out the cleaning anywhere and on a regular basis, you can get some wet wipes, specially designed for this purpose.

And, finally, do not clean your device if it is turned on and, much less if it is connected to the electrical network. Disconnect any cables and turn off the terminal. In this way, you will avoid problems derived from wetting the device.

Better Safe Than Sorry: Use a Screen Protector

Finally, we recommend that you use prevention methods such as tempered glass covers. These are placed on the screen and protect it from scratches and bumps. If you have tempered glass protection, you will not need to be so careful when cleaning the screen. At the moment in which its condition worsens, you just have to replace it with another. It is important that you remember that each terminal has a different design. So be sure to buy the right screen protection for your device, based on make and model.

How to Hide Virtual Buttons on Android

Hide Virtual Buttons on Android

During the evolution of Android we have gone from the physical buttons of the first terminals (that old HTC Desire with dedicated buttons for Home, Menu, return and search), going through the touch buttons that until not long ago some terminals still looked (without further afield, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 range) to the virtual keypads that have been the norm in most devices from Android 4.0 onwards. And today the trend is being reversed: the arrival of Android 10 will mean navigation by gestures activated by default, although the current button bar that most users have on our devices can continue to be used by those who do not want to change (or find it too confusing).

Hide Virtual Buttons on Android

What cannot be denied in any way is that gestural navigation is the future, and the terminals that have chosen to include it from one or two generations to this part have proven to be right in their approach. Do you want to deactivate the virtual keypad of your terminal and start using gestures to move around your phone? Well, we will tell you how to do it and, as almost always, there are several methods available.

Hide The Virtual Keypad Natively

Some manufacturers like Xiaomi offer the user the possibility to hide the virtual buttons without installing anything. So we will also activate gesture navigation by default, and for this, we will have to follow a series of simple steps. First, go to the path Settings> Fullscreen (or similar)

Once there, click on the option Full-screen gestures (or similar) to deactivate the virtual keypad in your terminal. You will see a small tutorial that will teach you what gestures you can perform to move around your phone, and when it is finished you can start enjoying a terminal without virtual buttons.

Hide the virtual keypad with an application

If, on the other hand, your phone does not have native support to hide the virtual buttons, you can always go to an application that does the same function. In this case, we are going to recommend Navigation Gestures, developed by XDA Developers. In case you don’t know the guys at XDA, they are the most important Android developer community on the Internet and the reference portal for everything to do with ROMs, aftermarket tricks and much, much more.

Hide the virtual keypad

It is worth mentioning that in this case (and in that of the other applications with similar functionality) the option to install and run does not help us: once we have the application, we will have to enter a command through ADB. Said like this it may seem extremely complicated, but it is not. You don’t even need to have root permissions to be able to carry out this operation.

But let’s go step by step: what exactly is ADB? Well, to summarize it quickly, it is a tool that allows us to interact with our smartphone from a PC. With it, we can copy files to our phone, install applications and even play with parts of the terminal that a priori is forbidden to us.

And how is it activated? Well, first of all, you have to have the developer options enabled on your device. To do this, go to the path Settings> About phone (the complete path may vary depending on the terminal, the model and the manufacturer) and click repeatedly on the build number until a message appears stating that you are already a developer. Get out of that route and again in the settings, look for Developer Options. Enter them and activate USB debugging to complete the first part of the process.

We now go to the second part. If we had prepared this guide a few years ago we would have discussed the process of downloading and fine-tuning the Android SDK, but today this has been greatly simplified. Simply download and install an application called Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool which, when run, will open a terminal where you can start executing ADB commands. And now we can start operating.

First of all, make sure ADB recognizes your phone. Before opening the tool, connect your terminal to the computer with the aforementioned USB debugging enabled. Then open the tool; A command prompt window will appear like this.

If you now unlock your terminal, you should see a message on the screen asking you to authorize your computer to communicate with your phone. Click Yes and let the process continue. If everything has gone well, the screen should return an alphanumeric code that, curiously, corresponds to the code that the manufacturer of your terminal uses to identify the series of which it is part; like this one here.

Once you have entered the code, you will be able to open the application to hide the virtual keypad, learn what gestures you can use to navigate and even customize your own.

WOW Expansions In Order

WOW Expansions In Order

With a few enhancements and integration, the gaming culture has evolved swiftly. The generation now loves to play online games, since it is one of the most significant forms of entertainment. They have a great time when they engage themselves in this virtual world of games and amusement. The extraordinary designs, exciting story and quests have made this game easier to be played by any game lover. Not every gamer knows the wow expansions in order here.


WOW Expansions In Order

The developer of the games also strives hard to design and launch such online games, which garners the attention of young and skilful minds. Without any kind of vigorous physical effort, the players sitting at home can have the time of their lives by just a touch, which opens the doors of their gaming world.

The Wrath of the Lich King

Before you send me hate mail for dissing Warcraft’s most beloved expansion, hear me out: Wrath of the Lich King is old. And because it’s old, going back to it these days doesn’t evoke nearly the same sense of awe that you felt the first time you made landfall in Northrend.

That isn’t to say that Wrath doesn’t have its moments. The quest and world design feels a little old school, but it’s still easy to see what made Wrath so beloved—especially if you’re a long time player or a fan of the RTS games. Arthas is still a badass villain, and I love the way Wrath teases him throughout the story, making you feel like you’re truly at the tip of a massive invasion to take this tyrant down. I also love how diverse the ecology of Northrend is, too. Blustery tundras, frozen mountain ranges, crystalline forests—Northrend is still a great place to explore even if it is outdated.



After the logical conclusion of the lore presented in Warcraft, Blizzard presented us with a new development branch in the game. Cataclysm released in December 2010. All zones from Classic has been changed due to Cataclysm. Also, new zones appeared such as Mount Hyjal, as well as a new PvP zone Tol Barad. Two new races have been added: Worgen (for Alliance) and Goblins (for Horde). But starting from Cataclysm flying in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms has opened (but not in Draenei and Blood Elves starting zones). The new secondary profession – Archaeology and reforging option. As for the quality of life, LFR (looking for raid) has been added. The level cap raised to 85 levels.


Pandaria is the fifth sequel in wow expansions in order. World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria was released in the year 2012 where a new class called ‘the monk’ and the new race called ‘the Pandaren’ were introduced in it. The Pandarian race glimpse was already given in the World of Warcraft third franchise, where the developers of the game intended to show it as an April fools joke. Finally, it has become a part of the game in this fifth franchise.

This game involves exploration of the new mystical island in the continent of Pandaria. Also, the unique part of the Pandarian race is that they do not align with the Horde and the Alliance, they have the choice to choose any of these two.

Best Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Money in 2021

Best Crowdfunding Sites

For some years, fundraising for projects or ventures has undergone a significant evolution. Here we show you 5 sites with which you can raise funds for your project. Thanks to the Internet, fundraising has evolved in such a great way that now it is the same consumers and users who support the initiatives and invest funds to make these ideas become reality.

Best Crowdfunding Sites

There are several sites that allow entrepreneurs to create online fundraising campaigns and get help from strangers around the world who may relate to their project. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 5 of the most popular crowdfunding project sites.


Kickstarter is one of the pioneers in crowdfunding. Since its inception in 2009, it has helped more than 6 million people solidify their ideas through fundraising. There we can find from movies to technological developments of all kinds. I could safely say that it has become the most popular crowdfunding site.

Successful projects like MakerBot and Ouya took off from Kickstarter, as did somewhat funnier initiatives such as the creation of a death star and somewhat absurd as the controversial potato salad. Their rates are 5% commission of the amount plus 3-5% transaction fees, but if you do not achieve the goal you lose everything.



Indiegogo is another of the most popular sites on the subject, its particularity is that it is quite flexible, and open and accessible option for campaigns around the world in which anyone can raise money for film, music, art projects and more. If you decide to create a campaign and launch it on this platform, you should know that Indiegogo charges a 9% commission on the funds you plan to collect, although if you achieve your goal, you will be reimbursed 5% of the amount, charging only a 4% commission. . Indiegogo does not require you to make a formal application and is available in any country.


Rockethub is a collective fundraising platform that includes projects from various areas such as art, science, business, social projects, among others. What sets Rockethub apart from the rest is the great exposure your project can achieve through a strategic partnership they made with A&E. As for the cost of your commission, it is 4% plus 4% for transaction fees, this if you reach your goal. Otherwise, you will be charged with 8% commission plus 4% transaction fees. Its interface is intuitive and offers tools for building better projects and businesses.



FundAnything is another digital crowdfunding platform aimed at the general public. You can use FundAnything to raise money for a business idea, tuition expenses, medical emergencies, and volunteer projects – just about anything. One of its main investors is the well-known businessman Donald Trump who has promoted it on his personal Twitter account di Lui. FundAnything charges a 9% commission rate on the total contributions you get. If you reach your goal, you will be reimbursed 4%, leaving only 5%. Additionally, a fee of approximately 3% must be paid for the fees charged by the payment processing companies.


Pozible is a collection platform of Australian origin; like the previous ones, it allows the creation and promotion of projects of various kinds. It has been created so that people can raise the funds necessary to realize their ideas and achieve great things. Your standard commission fee is 5% and the transaction fee is 2.4% for debit or credit cards and 30 cents for Australian cards. For international cards, the cost increases by 1%, but the amount of pennies remains the same. They also accept Stripe, Bitcoin, and Paypal.

Remember that all these sites are platforms that promote crowdfunding, therefore they are not linked to any of the projects. Remember to visit these sites and if it is within your reach, support the projects that you like the most, maybe tomorrow it could be yours.

The Best Apps For Bloggers 2021

Best Apps For Bloggers

If you like to sit and write things on the Internet as a hobby, or you are a professional blogger, we invite you to try some of these excellent applications to work more comfortably and increase your productivity.

Best Apps For Bloggers

Every day someone comes out to say that blogs are dead, and every day millions of posts are written on millions of blogs and millions of people read them, while fewer and fewer people buy the newspaper and more magazines go bankrupt. The reality is that the consumption of information online is only growing and growing. And on the Internet, you don’t have to ask anyone for permission to write something.

Whether you write from time to time on your personal blog, that you are thinking of starting your own blog, or that you work on an online publication, surely some tips or tools that help you when writing is not bad for you. Personally, I have been blogging for a few years, and I still get new things to take advantage of, today I share with you some of those that I consider essential if you want to dedicate yourself to blogging.


Basic and deadly, if you’re going to write, you need a place to do it. Almost every blogger has learned the hard way that typing directly into the browser increases the risk of heart attacks and cerebrovascular diseases. If you do not want to suffer because you suddenly close a tab by mistake, WordPress feels that it is time to delete everything you have written, Chrome needs to close itself, or anything else provided for in Murphy’s laws, the best thing you can do is have a text editor to write and then just copy the text just before publishing.

If you write using the MarkDown language, which is the best thing you can ever think of, you have a lot of great editors. On Windows my favourite is MarkdownPad, on Linux, there is nothing better than Haroopad, and if you use Mac OS X you should try Mou.

If you prefer an ultra-minimal editor that frees you from distractions, you can try something like ZenWriter, iA Writer, or FocusWriter.


Because no one in their right mind would totally depend on their memory to remember everything they have to do. A task manager, or at least an app where you can take notes and save links, write down ideas and organize them, is always a great addition.

Of these there are many, and the one you decide to use will be the one that best suits your work rhythm. I have been using Todoist for a few weeks after having to divorce a very long marriage with Wunderlist due to its constant synchronization problems. Evernote is a great option if you are looking for something even more powerful. If you work in a team, few things are as good as Trello for organizing tasks between multiple people. You could also try Asana though.

And if you like to jot things down on a calendar, the best I’ve got to date is still Sunrise Calendar.


Twitter and blogging are two things that go almost entirely hand in hand. There is no better social network to share what we write, to find out about the news, to create a community and to get ideas. If you use Windows or Linux there are really no third-party clients outperforming Tweetdeck, you can use it as a standalone app from Chrome and be happy. On Mac, you have Tweetbot although due to the price it has, surely many will prefer to use the deck.


If you also want to schedule updates at defined time intervals, so as not to saturate your followers with too many updates, there is nothing better than Buffer to do it.


You don’t necessarily have to have Photoshop and be an expert handling this tool. Although it is honestly the best, to make minor edits to photos, crop images, add the occasional text box, or simply adjust the size of the image that you chose to accompany your articles, you will need an editor. Gimp is a good choice for anyone, it’s easy to use, free, and available on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

If you are looking for something even simpler, the Chrome Pixlr Editor application may be what you need.

How Do I Find the MAC Address on My Computer

MAC Address

The MAC address or MAC Address (media access control address) of a device is a unique identifier that is assigned to network interfaces. Wireless network cards or Ethernet network cards, routers, printers, etc., all have their own 48-bit identifier that is not repeated throughout the world, it is like their own fingerprint to communicate. In a computer network, computers can be identified through their IP address, but they can also be identified by their MAC Address.

MAC Address

Manufacturers often add this identifier when devices are manufactured, and it is usually stored in the hardware’s ROM (read-only memory), or in some other firmware mechanism. For this reason, it is impossible to modify it since it is in a read-only area that cannot be altered. In addition, there is also a regulatory entity that is in charge of providing the standards by which MAC addresses are assigned, this is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


Understanding that the MAC address is a unique identifier for all network devices, we know that any device that has hardware that allows it to connect to a network has its own MAC Address. Computers, cell phones, tablets, routers, printers, switches, etc. Everyone has their own address.

One of the most common uses that users give to MAC Addresses is to restrict access to a network. Many have probably had their first contact with this term when they decided to delve into the configuration of their routers. We can use the MAC address to allow or restrict access to only certain devices. It is a good way to ensure the security of your network if you only authorize the MAC addresses of your own computers and do not allow the connection of any unknown MAC Address.

The MAC Address can also be used to obtain the location of a device through GPS, which can allow tracking of the movements of a person, and has much higher precision than geopositioning through IP. If we have the WiFi on and we approach a router, we are immediately leaving our MAC Address in its registry.


As we mentioned before, the MAC Address goes in read-only memory and cannot be altered, but it can be masked or hidden. The MAC spoofing or MAC Souplantation is a technique to “change the MAC address” into believing the operating system to have a different one. By doing this you can change the identity of a device for whatever reason. For example, when we connect to a public WiFi network we can prevent a malicious user from cloning our MAC address and commenting on a crime by using the identifier of our computer, and “leaving us dead.”

change MAC Address

We can also bypass access control lists on servers or routers if we change our MAC Address, supplanting the address of another authorized device or simply using a new one that is not among those blocked. Clearly, these types of practices can be used for both legal and illegal purposes.