The Best Apps For Bloggers 2021

Best Apps For Bloggers

If you like to sit and write things on the Internet as a hobby, or you are a professional blogger, we invite you to try some of these excellent applications to work more comfortably and increase your productivity.

Best Apps For Bloggers

Every day someone comes out to say that blogs are dead, and every day millions of posts are written on millions of blogs and millions of people read them, while fewer and fewer people buy the newspaper and more magazines go bankrupt. The reality is that the consumption of information online is only growing and growing. And on the Internet, you don’t have to ask anyone for permission to write something.

Whether you write from time to time on your personal blog, that you are thinking of starting your own blog, or that you work on an online publication, surely some tips or tools that help you when writing is not bad for you. Personally, I have been blogging for a few years, and I still get new things to take advantage of, today I share with you some of those that I consider essential if you want to dedicate yourself to blogging.


Basic and deadly, if you’re going to write, you need a place to do it. Almost every blogger has learned the hard way that typing directly into the browser increases the risk of heart attacks and cerebrovascular diseases. If you do not want to suffer because you suddenly close a tab by mistake, WordPress feels that it is time to delete everything you have written, Chrome needs to close itself, or anything else provided for in Murphy’s laws, the best thing you can do is have a text editor to write and then just copy the text just before publishing.

If you write using the MarkDown language, which is the best thing you can ever think of, you have a lot of great editors. On Windows my favourite is MarkdownPad, on Linux, there is nothing better than Haroopad, and if you use Mac OS X you should try Mou.

If you prefer an ultra-minimal editor that frees you from distractions, you can try something like ZenWriter, iA Writer, or FocusWriter.


Because no one in their right mind would totally depend on their memory to remember everything they have to do. A task manager, or at least an app where you can take notes and save links, write down ideas and organize them, is always a great addition.

Of these there are many, and the one you decide to use will be the one that best suits your work rhythm. I have been using Todoist for a few weeks after having to divorce a very long marriage with Wunderlist due to its constant synchronization problems. Evernote is a great option if you are looking for something even more powerful. If you work in a team, few things are as good as Trello for organizing tasks between multiple people. You could also try Asana though.

And if you like to jot things down on a calendar, the best I’ve got to date is still Sunrise Calendar.


Twitter and blogging are two things that go almost entirely hand in hand. There is no better social network to share what we write, to find out about the news, to create a community and to get ideas. If you use Windows or Linux there are really no third-party clients outperforming Tweetdeck, you can use it as a standalone app from Chrome and be happy. On Mac, you have Tweetbot although due to the price it has, surely many will prefer to use the deck.


If you also want to schedule updates at defined time intervals, so as not to saturate your followers with too many updates, there is nothing better than Buffer to do it.


You don’t necessarily have to have Photoshop and be an expert handling this tool. Although it is honestly the best, to make minor edits to photos, crop images, add the occasional text box, or simply adjust the size of the image that you chose to accompany your articles, you will need an editor. Gimp is a good choice for anyone, it’s easy to use, free, and available on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

If you are looking for something even simpler, the Chrome Pixlr Editor application may be what you need.

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