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How to Clear the WhatsApp Cache to Free Memory Space of Our Android

Clear Whatsapp Cache

WhatsApp is an application that over time can occupy a lot of space in the memory of our mobile: audio notes, all those videos that our contacts send us, the photos. Follow Techy2tech for more updates. If we are regulars to this service, we will surely have the folder in Your Android that weighs a lot. If you also have a mobile with little memory, you should do cleaning from time to time so that you do not get the happy error that there is little free memory.

Clear Whatsapp Cache

There are many ways to free our mobile memory by deleting WhatsApp files. Yes, the fastest option is to go to the settings menu, Applications, and delete the data (not uninstall) from WhatsApp from there. Wait, before you do that today we are going to teach you how to do it with a little class and in passing you don’t miss the things that are important to you. The only thing we will need for this is an application.

To put order to WhatsApp we just need an application:

Cleaner for WhatsApp, as the name implies, is a tool that allows us to clean the files that we do not want or no longer need in this messaging client. The application has no secret since it is actually a vitamin file explorer to show us the WhatsApp guts so that it is easy to locate what we want to save and whatnot.


As we open it we will see that different panels will appear with all the information that WhatsApp stores: photographs, videos, audio notes, profile photos, backgrounds … When entering each of them we will see a couple of tabs: one with all the there is content and another one, on the right, with the files that are duplicated and the number of copies of each one. In this way, it is very easy to locate what we are not interested in and leave the important thing.

On each page of Cleaner, we will see that in the lower right there is a trash can icon with which we can delete all the files that are in that category. If you want to be more select, you just have to press and hold on a file for a couple of seconds to show us the file selection menu and from there mark only the ones that we are going to delete.

Another interesting detail of the application is that at a quick glance we know how much each document folder occupies in WhatsApp. With files that do not have preview at a glance, such as audio notes, we can click on them to open them and thus know exactly what they are. Cleaner for WhatsApp is free and all it includes is an ad at the bottom.

How Do I Find the MAC Address on My Computer

MAC Address

The MAC address or MAC Address (media access control address) of a device is a unique identifier that is assigned to network interfaces. Wireless network cards or Ethernet network cards, routers, printers, etc., all have their own 48-bit identifier that is not repeated throughout the world, it is like their own fingerprint to communicate. In a computer network, computers can be identified through their IP address, but they can also be identified by their MAC Address.

MAC Address

Manufacturers often add this identifier when devices are manufactured, and it is usually stored in the hardware’s ROM (read-only memory), or in some other firmware mechanism. For this reason, it is impossible to modify it since it is in a read-only area that cannot be altered. In addition, there is also a regulatory entity that is in charge of providing the standards by which MAC addresses are assigned, this is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


Understanding that the MAC address is a unique identifier for all network devices, we know that any device that has hardware that allows it to connect to a network has its own MAC Address. Computers, cell phones, tablets, routers, printers, switches, etc. Everyone has their own address.

One of the most common uses that users give to MAC Addresses is to restrict access to a network. Many have probably had their first contact with this term when they decided to delve into the configuration of their routers. We can use the MAC address to allow or restrict access to only certain devices. It is a good way to ensure the security of your network if you only authorize the MAC addresses of your own computers and do not allow the connection of any unknown MAC Address.

The MAC Address can also be used to obtain the location of a device through GPS, which can allow tracking of the movements of a person, and has much higher precision than geopositioning through IP. If we have the WiFi on and we approach a router, we are immediately leaving our MAC Address in its registry.


As we mentioned before, the MAC Address goes in read-only memory and cannot be altered, but it can be masked or hidden. The MAC spoofing or MAC Souplantation is a technique to “change the MAC address” into believing the operating system to have a different one. By doing this you can change the identity of a device for whatever reason. For example, when we connect to a public WiFi network we can prevent a malicious user from cloning our MAC address and commenting on a crime by using the identifier of our computer, and “leaving us dead.”

change MAC Address

We can also bypass access control lists on servers or routers if we change our MAC Address, supplanting the address of another authorized device or simply using a new one that is not among those blocked. Clearly, these types of practices can be used for both legal and illegal purposes.