How to Clean the Mobile Screen Without Damaging it

Clean the Mobile Screen

According to some studies, the screen of our devices harbours a huge amount of bacteria. There are several reasons why this happens. For example, we usually carry our devices in our pockets, perhaps even when we exercise. In addition, many times we use it near liquid elements, which end up splashing on the screen. However, the main reason is that we constantly touch the screen with our hands. Do you often clean the screen of your device? The theory says that it should be so. But how to do it correctly?

Clean the Mobile Screen

How to Clean the Mobile Screen?

As with everything, using the right tools is the way to get exceptional results. This is what you need to clean the screen of your device:

A soft cloth: Do not use paper or any other type of material. Rather, use a cloth that is soft, microfiber, lint-free, and feels similar to eyeglass cloth. This way you will achieve a high degree of cleanliness without compromising the integrity of the screen.
A little water: Generally, using a little water is usually enough to kill most of the bacteria. But beware. You must use the water to moisten the cloth. Avoid getting your device wet directly, even if it is certified to do so. Make sure that moisture does not get into the cavities or grooves of your phone.
A little soap: For more thorough cleaning, use a little soap. Again, don’t use it directly. Rather, mix it in the water and then dampen the cloth to clean the surface of the screen.
As you have seen, you do not need very specific products to properly clean your device. There is also no specific technique, beyond wiping the wet cloth over the screen. Do not forget that it is also important to clean your phone screen frequently. We recommend that you disinfect your device once or twice a day.

Be careful with these practices when Cleaning your Phone Screen

When cleaning your terminal screen, there are some things that you should avoid at all costs. For example, do not use chemicals, especially if they are abrasive. At most, you can use a little rubbing alcohol, which is usually sold in spray form. However, in most cases, a little soap will suffice. Avoiding certain products will help you preserve the treatment that some manufacturers apply to the screen glass.

Clean Your Smartphone

On the other hand, do not dry clean the screen of your device. Even if they are not visible, dust particles can scratch the glass as they move on the screen. Therefore, it is important that you use wet products. A little soapy water and a suitable cloth are sufficient in most cases. But, if you want to carry out the cleaning anywhere and on a regular basis, you can get some wet wipes, specially designed for this purpose.

And, finally, do not clean your device if it is turned on and, much less if it is connected to the electrical network. Disconnect any cables and turn off the terminal. In this way, you will avoid problems derived from wetting the device.

Better Safe Than Sorry: Use a Screen Protector

Finally, we recommend that you use prevention methods such as tempered glass covers. These are placed on the screen and protect it from scratches and bumps. If you have tempered glass protection, you will not need to be so careful when cleaning the screen. At the moment in which its condition worsens, you just have to replace it with another. It is important that you remember that each terminal has a different design. So be sure to buy the right screen protection for your device, based on make and model.

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